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Aquatech-Global Systems, LLC

Aquatech-Global Systems, LLC designs and deploys water and wastewater treatment systems for most industrial and municipal applications. A-G utilizes advanced technologies in Potable Water Treatment, Biological Treatment and Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Recycling. Our approach to each individual project is based on proven process designs incorporating ISO-Certified fabrication of Dissolved Air Flotation equipment and technology.test

Research and Development

We design and manufacture, under ISO-Certified conditions, a wide range of advanced flotation clarifier systems for industry and municipalities worldwide. AQUATECH-GLOBAL is able to provide the most cost-effective and productive solutions for water treatment available today. Through the advancement of Dissolved Air Flotation, our team of dedicated specialists works with businesses and governments around the world to help them reach the highest possible standards in water and process materials recovery and water clarification. A global network of engineering, water business development and manufacturing experts works to provide a turnkey or approach for each individual project, with guaranteed results. Testing and Pilot Plant trials are available and scalable to any size.


Clear Thinking for Clear Water